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Most of the professional carpet education websites are just making the same stuff fed to readers and consumers, almost every time. They are filled with the same old stuff on carpets, their history, origin, and, the carpet belt etc. However, the modern carpet buyer has outgrown from what actually was in the beginning.

Today, in the age of internet, people all over the world are smart enough to Google up everything from an apple to an aircraft. Therefore, we at carpetandrugpedia.net welcome you to a unique gateway towards guaranteed yet authentic information with actual facts and figures about carpets from studies and research done in the world.

In here, you will find everything important yet informative added with a special ingredient, new and fresh. Carpetandrugpedia.net would provide you with the latest stuff on carpet cleaning with tips and all about the industry. The new and famous carpet publications and of course, the various celebrated carpet and rugs trade fairs to be held.

The carpet industry today has evolved from what it used to be before. Talking about Iran, formerly known as Persia, is said to be the origin of the mesmerizingly beautiful wool and silk flower carpets. For decades, since the days of caliphs, highest value carpets are being produced in Iran. Much celebrated knotted carpets which are of export value, has this tradition reaching back thousands of years. The artful conception of carpet weaving in Persia is very varied with an important focus on designs and motifs. The multi-ethnicity is the reason behind the diversity in patterns and variation of Persian carpets from various regions. However, India, in 2007, overcame Iran, for some time, in respect of exporting carpets with highest export value. Nevertheless, most of the carpets produced worldwide are more or less based on classic Persian patterns.

What are carpets and their contribution towards indoor environment

Carpet is a type of home décor product which is designed such that it enhances the quality of indoor environments and also adds to the environment, aesthetically and scientifically.

According to a recent study named “A Systems Modeling Approach to Assessing Carpet and Environmental Risk” by Michael Berry, Ph. D, gives a unique and an interesting role of carpets in human lives.

The study says that carpets are a major player in beautifying the living areas and bed rooms of homes because of certain simple yet strong reasons. Carpets offer security, social interaction, comfort, and productivity to family members. A healthy environment is the condition in which a person feels an elevated sense of well-being. However, there are conditions for it, which are as follows:

• Space offered to encourage social interaction and productivity.
• Offering safety from accidents like slippage and falls.
• Aesthetics or an impressive view.
• Comfortable physical features.
• Carpet surface manage glare and light reflectance.
• Sound and noise is absorbed by carpets as acoustics.
• Providing warmth to the surrounding.

Installing carpets anywhere reflect a sense of well-being to inhabitants.

Carpets contribute to maintain a healthy environment indoors scientifically too. The study says that carpets have a tendency of absorbing energy as well as matter. It quoted an example saying that in 100 million buildings, approximately 150 billion square feet currently installed. Moreover, about 1.2 billion square yards of carpets or rugs are installed every year.

Due to an irregular yet large surface area, carpets and rugs possess a strong holding capacity. They contain various pollutants in them. It is called as “trap effect.” Most of the dirt is trapped in carpets close to the entrance level in a building. However, the particles are denser in nature which prevents them to go back in air.

An allergen is a matter that causes a hypersensitive reaction in the human body. A person develops an allergy when he/she is exposed to allergens leading to sensitization. Therefore, carpets actually save this unwanted state of health in the body by trapping the dust particles in the surface.

Did you know?

The research says that: Average surface area of a shoe is 31 cm2. Therefore, a single person’s shoe contact area would be of 62 cm2. Carpets trap dry soil particles which makes 85%-95% of the complete consistency.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a process of finding, identifying, enclosing, removing, and properly throwing of the dirt particles from the carpet surface. Cleaning is one of the most important practices for maintaining a healthy equilibrium within probability of unwanted risks and ventilation.

According to FPG Child Development Center Study (1993-1994), the carpeted rooms of a house can be significantly controlled by an efficient vacuuming and scheduled professional carpet cleaning. In the FPG research theory, the building was 70% carpeted. The resultant obtained was that places which followed the principle of “maximum extraction and minimum reside”, did not allow much indoor air problems.

The HydroLabs Mold Study (2001) stated that hot water extraction method of cleaning carpets is effective to destroy mold and mildew etc. It actually exhibited that vacuuming could highly discourage the growth of mold spore even at prolonged and elevated temperature and moisture levels.

Precautionary Carpet Conservation

Carpet is a scientifically proved receptor of energy as well as matter. Therefore, carpet maintenance is also researched to find out such carpet cleaning solutions or solvents for distinct carpet impurities. The end users should be aware of such types of common carpet dirt materials. In case of a dirt saturated carpet pile of your Saxony carpet, it becomes very difficult to clean it at once, without time-consuming vacuuming rounds. However, soil collection within carpet pile is inevitable. The study involves concentrating on parameters like carpet fiber, carpet weaving, color, carpet life, foot traffic patterns and soiling conditions.

Carpets and rugs are always prized as floor coverings with recognized versatility. They offer both beauty and functional benefits for interiors. Interestingly, they also affect the psychological state of individuals too. According to Folden & Tanner (2002), carpeted classrooms initiated students to excel in standardized tests.

Carpet Cleaning Myths

To extend your carpet life, frequent vacuuming of carpets spares a new life every time. It is seen that carpet cleaning and topical treatments don’t destroy soil and satin repel treatments, for instance Wear Dated or Stainmaster. Unfortunately, foot traffic leads to utmost destruction. Since carpet is actually the third most expensive investment of an average person’s life, thus, it is not a maintenance-free commodity for a consumer. Nevertheless, the above mentioned treatments would not be necessary if the carpets are cleaned regularly.

Moreover, new carpet buyers are just beginners. By hearing and listening from others, one tends to act as a blotting paper for myths and misconceptions. To enlighten, following are some carpet myths which are commonly heard yet they are not correct.

Unless the carpet is soil saturated, it should not be cleaned

All commercial and residential carpets are recommended to be cleaned after every 12 to 18 months. Excessive soiling leads to damage to the carpet pile and threads may rupture too. In addition, it also discolors the pile hue to a dirty, dull hue. Adding to the horror of the carpet consumer, all this leads to permanent fiber damage. Therefore, carpets should be cleaned quite often.

Immediately after cleaning, carpet pile attracts dirt quickly.
In old days, true soaps were used to clean carpets which contained coconut oil. Due to an oily base, soap residues were left behind. This caused rapid soiling due to the alkalinity of soap. The dirt particles stuck to the soap residue particles.
However, today, carpet cleaning is done with synthetic detergents. It is already clear that such carpet cleaning agents do not cause rapid soiling.

Can carpet be cleaned often?

Cleaning is done to remove soil and dirt from the pile, however, it cannot prevent crushing and matting. Therefore, it is recommended to frequently clean the high traffic areas to prevent heavy soil absorption by the carpet. In terms of the carpet, the more it is cleaned on a regular basis, the more it will sustain its original appearance for a longer time.

Spots go away while cleaning but reoccur after a few days.

Frequent reoccurring of spots is also a result of residual detergent traces in the carpet pile. In detail, this happens due to not-enough rinsing of spot removal agents. Inadequate rinsing of suds mars the excellent working of spot removal agents by attracting more soil particles. To avoid, rinsing should be continued with warm water, along with blotting with paper towels until sudsing is gone.

Frequent carpet cleaning destroys carpets’ soil repelling tendency.

Soil resist treatments are very powerful. It is not necessary to apply them after every cleaning. However, this can be done after every two to three cleaning sessions.

My carpet cleaner advised that his truck mount steam cleaner produces 240 degrees of water temperature. Whereas another second carpet cleaner gives 190 degrees. So, would 240 degrees melt the carpet fiber or should a much hotter temperature be applied?


The statement is both no and yes. As the heated water runs down 50-100 feet of hose under the pressurization at the wand, the temperature of the water goes down by 30%. So, calculations make 240 degrees is at approx. 168 degrees at pressurization. This means that the fibers would not melt. Nevertheless, many carpet cleaners do require some additional degrees to their output. Very less carpet trucks would require going to 240 degrees for sufficient cleaning results.

Carpets and rugs, a luxurious part of your home décor has been inevitably longed for. However, the present times look a little difficult. The recession in 2008 was one of the most affecting one for the carpet industry. It all happened with the soaring oil rates, a fragile housing market and of course bankruptcy of banking honchos.
The year 2009 has also been not that a recovering or a fruitful one. The complete outlook for it has been nothing more than a dismal one.

Dave Foster, a carpet industry journalist. He also hosts a weekday morning talk show "Floor Radio" on WBLJ 1230 AM. He said, “I've not found a whole lot of people that are expecting 2009 to be a whole heckuva lot better, perhaps even worse, than 2008.” With the season of shedding jobs by carpet manufacturers all over the world, 2009 was not helpful to the economy too.

Now, in 2010, the carpet industry is looking towards making a turnaround.
“I see the silver lining in the clouds. Here in Dalton, we're finding out where we've gone wrong by not diversifying our industry. If nothing else, I believe the people of Whitfield and Murray are going to come together and realize that we've got to get other industries in here,” Realtor John Thomas of Coldwell Banker Kinard Realty in Dalton said. http://www.istockanalyst.com/article/viewnewspaged/articleid/3040515/pageid/1

However, Jeffrey Humphreys, director/forecaster at the University of Georgia Selig Center for Economic Growth all expects an optimism in the dull economic wave. He expects a tremendous capital investment in carpet industry. The main focused ones are plants and equipments, and state-of-the-art facilities built overseas.

At Mohawk industries, Calhoun, Jeffrey S. Lorberbaum, chairman and CEO of Mohawk believes that the company will emerge sturdy enough.

“We are hopeful that the declining energy and commodity prices will help strengthen consumer confidence and lead to an improvement in the flooring market next year,” Lorberbaum said.

To this Foster added, “Floor coverings are still being worn and people will replace them, it's just being delayed.”
Journals and literature are printed in order to spread news and enlightenment amongst buyers and carpet manufacturers on all detailed aspects and progress in issues related to the industry. A wide assorted array of magazines and carpet publications are loaded with useful information and updates with the latest news developments, research and technology in the rug and carpets field.

The following are the various reputed carpet magazines and print material circulation:
• Floor Covering Installer
• Floor Covering Weekly
• Flooring Magazine
• National Floor Trends
• Hali
• Rug Insider
• Rug News
• The Area Magazine
• Rug Hooking Magazine

Above all mentioned magazines provide all important knowledge on several issues like- new markets, various certification programs, trade associations, equity markets, foreign exchange, and price trends.

The much hype rug and carpet trade fairs offer a chance to carpet companies rub shoulders with diverse groups and share interests. Such events are basically exhibitions proving to be a platform to display new collections and products. These events take place in the whole world.

Due to a boom in the demand of rugs and carpets because of improvement in lifestyle, such events are highly coveted. Below is the planner of yet-to-happen events.


Event Date



1.       01 APR - 04 APR, 10

Carpet & Flooring

Atakent International Exhibition Centre, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2.       01 APR - 04 APR, 10

Central Asia Home Textile

Atakent International Exhibition Centre, Almaty, Kazakhstan

3.       06 APR - 09 APR, 10


Expocenter Krasnaya Presnya Moscow, Moscow, Russia

4.       06 APR - 09 APR, 10


Expocenter Krasnaya Presnya Moscow, Moscow, Russia

5.       07 APR- 11-APR, 10

HIA Home Ideas Show

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia

6.       13 APR – 17 APR, 10


Brno Exhibition Centre, Brno, Czech Republic

7.       15 APR – 17 APR, 10

Stitch & Creative Crafts Show - Belfast

Kings Champions Centre, Buderim, Australia

8.       17 APR – 22 APR, 10

High Point Market

High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau, High Point, United States Of America

9.       20 APR – 23 APR, 10

China Sourcing Fair: Home Products

AsiaWorld - Expo, Hong Kong, China (Hong Kong S.A.R.)

10.   20 APR – 23 APR, 10

Sourcing Fair India: Home Products

AsiaWorld - Expo, Hong Kong, China (Hong Kong S.A.R.)

11.   22 APR – 25 APR, 10

Stitch & Creative Craft Show-Shepton Mallet

Paris Espace Champerret, North Somerset, United Kingdom

12.   03 MAY – 06 MAY, 10

Rebuild Iraq Exhibition

Amman Exhibitions Park, Amman, Jordan

13.   05-MAY-10 to 07-MAY-10

Proposte Expo

Villa Erba in Cernobbio, Como, Italy

14.   07-MAY-10 to 16-MAY-10


Cyprus International Fair Grounds, Nicosia, Cyprus

15.   13-MAY-10 to 16-MAY-10

Sydney Home Show

Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Sydney, Australia

16.   16-MAY-10 to 18-MAY-10


Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, United States Of America

17.   19-MAY-10 to 23-MAY-10


CNR Expo Center, Istanbul, Turkey

18.   21-MAY-10 to 23-MAY-10

Multiproducto Seleccion

Krefeld Exhibition Centre, Krefeld, Germany

19.   26-MAY-10 to 29-MAY-10

Home Decor Expo

Poznan International Fair Grounds, Poznan, Poland

20.   02 JUN - 04-JUN, 10

Heimtextil Japan

Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight), Tokyo, Japan

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